prensa: ¿beneficios del abastecimiento de pequeños lotes?
prensa: ¿beneficios del abastecimiento de pequeños lotes?

¿Beneficios del abastecimiento de pequeños lotes? Ética, Medio Ambiente, Sociedad, Gobierno y Ausencia de existencias

Jessica Binns, 2 de Agosto del 2022

PBP gives small-batch brands access to a suite of business-building tools, and strong adoption of the financing options signals a critical “need for cash-flow management,” Phillips said. Not only does flexible financing against current orders help makers source their materials and secure the talent they need to produce finished products, but it also means they don’t have to “wait once they’ve fulfilled an order before they can start another because they need that cash-flow injection,” she added.

That risk-reducing stability often brings much-needed relief to nascent brands where establishing reliable processes might be little more than a work in progress. Michele de Alba of Jalisco’s Al Centro Ceramica said the Mexican producer of handcrafted ceramic homewares welcomes the prospect of “systematizing our production in order to serve wholesale customers.” Since onboarding with PBP, “our growth has been very fast, since there was a market for our product waiting for us,” she added.

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