Yes! We ship to all of Mexico, either online sales or special orders.
You can see the shipment option in the shopping cart on the online store.
In case yours is a special project, we will quote, depending on the volume of the order, the final cost.

We only ship to the US and Canada. For now, this option is not available on our online shop, we create a quote based on the location and the estimated volume of the order, so the client knows in advance the total cost.


Yes! We have special prices for large orders and hospitality clients. You can request our catalogs here.

We offer the same discount as wholesale orders. For the Terracota line, 20 pieces in total is the minimum amount so we can place your order, for the dishware is 20 pieces of the same model. Click here so we can send you our Terracota and/or Wholesale dishware 2021 catalogs.


Normally we only work with the pieces we offer, but depending on the design you need, we can evaluate the viability of fabrication. It is necessary for you to send us an image or blueprint of the piece you want, including measurements, specific finishes and the quantity you need, so we can send you a quote. For more information send us an email to hola@alcentroceramica.com

We work with ceramic decal to add any logo or phrase to our pieces, this only applies to wholesale orders.

The logo or word must not be larger than 5x5cm, and it can only be in one tint, you can choose between beige, black, brown, blue or white.

This service does not apply to the Terracota Line.

Yes! We sell set for 4 people. We have several different models, check them out here.

Yes, we are located in Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. We are part of a collective space called Casa Galeana, check our business hours and location.

Currently we don’t offer that service.

The pieces in the Terracota line can be only made in the 3 different tones shown; Terracota, Terracota claro and Corcho. We only offer this change with a minimum order of 20 pieces.

There can’t be any change or adequation in the design of the pieces.


Yes! All of our dishware is made in high temperature (stoneware) which means it is 100% food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe also.

If you purchased directly from our online store, the shipping time is between 2 or 3 business days, for more info check or shipment page.

If yours is a special order or project, it depends on the volume of the pieces, the approximate time is 6 to 7 weeks. When we have your quote we will give you a more specific time frame.

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