We are a company that collaborates with local artisan workshops to bring quality ceramic tableware and vases to hospitality and interior design projects in Mexico and other parts of the world.

We select, coordinate and design hand in hand with artisans to manufacture timeless ceramic pieces. We seek that the finishes and artisan productivity match the client’s needs, always taking care of the manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the ceramics and human capabilities.

Michele de Alba founded Al Centro Cerámica out of the possibility of connecting artisan work with those who are looking for quality ceramics for their projects. Together with artisans, she developed her own designs based on ceramic styles from the pottery traditions of Guanajuato and Jalisco.

Al Centro Cerámica was born from the firm belief in the bond that exists between the designer, the manufacturer and the consumer. Each piece of Al Centro Cerámica recognizes craftsmanship as an example of goodness and integrity, manifested in the collective effort of all those involved in its creation.

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